2001 ASER

Section One

· Cover
· Title Page
· Preface
· Summary Of Changes

Section Two
· List Of Tables
· List Of Contents
· List Of Figures

Section Three
· Executive Summary

Section Four
· Introduction

Section Five
· Environmental Compliance Summary

Section Six
· Environmental Monitoring Program Information

Section Seven
· Environmental Monitoring

Section Eight
· Groundwater Monitoring

Section Nine
· Radiological Dose Assessment

Section Ten
· Quality Assurance

Section Eleven
· Appendix A (Maps)

Section Twelve
· Appendix B (2001 Environmental Monitoring Program)

Section Thirteen
· Appendix C (Summary Of Water & Sediment Monitoring Data)

Section Fourteen
· Appendix D (Summary Of Air Monitoring Data)

Section Fifteen
· Appendix E (Summary Of Groundwater Monitoring Data)

Section Sixteen
· Appendix F (Summary Of Biological Data)

Section Seventeen
· Appendix G (Summary Of Non-Radiological Monitoring Data)

Section Eighteen
· Appendix H (Summary Of Direct Radiation Monitoring Data)

Section Nineteen
· Appendix I (Summary Of Meteorological Data)

Section Twenty
· Appendix J (Summary Of Quality Assurance Crosscheck Analysis)

Section Twenty One
· Appendix K (Environmental Regulations, Orders, Standards, And Permits)

Section Twenty Two
· Appendix L (Summary Of NYSERDA Groundwater Monitoring Data)

Section Twenty Three
· References

Section Twenty Eight
· Acknowledgements