2006 ASER

Section One

· Cover
· Title Page
· Preface
· Preferences
· Summary Of Changes

Section Two
· Table Of Contents

Section Three
· Executive Summary

Section Four
· Introduction

Section Five
· Environmental Compliance Summary

Section Six
· Chapter 1: Environmental Management System

Section Seven
· Chapter 2: Environmental Radiological Protection Program And Dose Assessment

Section Eight
· Chapter 3: Environmental Non-Radiological Program Information

Section Nine
· Chapter 4: Groundwater Protection Program

Section Ten
· Quality Assurance

Section Eleven
· Useful Information

Section Twelve
· Glossary

Section Thirteen
· Acronyms & Abbreviations

Section Fourteen
· References & Bibliography

Section Fifteen
· Distribution

Section Sixteen
· Acknowledgements

Section Seventeen
· Appendix A: Environmental Monitoring Program Maps

Section Eighteen
· Appendix B: 2006 Environmental Monitoring Program

Section Nineteen
· Appendix C-1: Summary Of Water Limits, Guidelines, And Standards
· Appendix C-2: Process Effluent Data
· Appendix C-3: SPDES-Permitted Storm Water
· Appendix C-4: Site Surface Drainage, Subsurface Drainage, And Contained Water Data
· Appendix C-5: Ambient Surface Water Data
· Appendix C-6: Potable Water (Drinking Water) Data

Section Twenty
· Appendix D: Summary Of Air Monitoring Data

Section Twenty One
· Appendix E: Summary Of Groundwater Monitoring Data

Section Twenty Two
· Appendix F: Summary Of Biological Data

Section Twenty Three
· Appendix G-1: Summary Of Soil And Aquatic Sediment Guidelines And Standards

Section Twenty Four
· Appendix H: Summary Of Direct Radiation Monitoring Data

Section Twenty Five
· Appendix I: Summary Of Meteorological Data

Section Twenty Six
· Appendix J: Summary Of Quality Assurance Crosscheck Analysis

Section Twenty Seven
· Appendix K: West Valley Demonstration Project Act
· Public Law 96-368 [s.2443] October 1, 1980