Environmental Projects

Annual Performance Track Program
The DOE-WVDP is a member of the EPA's Performance Track program.  Performance Track is a partnership that recognizes top environmental performance among participating U.S. facilities of all types, sizes, and complexity, public and private. Program partners are providing leadership in many areas, including some that are not currently regulated, such as energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption. Currently, the program has about 450 members and welcomes all qualifying facilities. To view annual Performance Reports and Applications, Click Here. (On the List of Facilities, locate and select "U.S. Department of Energy, West Valley Demonstration Project."  After completing this,  Applications, Renewals, and Annual Performance Reports can be viewed for the WVDP.")

Historical Annual Site Environmental Monitoring Reports (ASER)
This report summarizes the environmental protection programs at the West Valley Demonstration Project for calendar year 2003. These are the full ASER reports.

North Plateau Groundwater Plume
Protection of the environment and the surrounding community is a top priority for the West Valley Demonstration Project, and the driving force behind the activities of the Regulatory Programs Team. This Team is responsible for the management of the site's soil and groundwater resources. A plume of slightly contaminated groundwater is currently being controlled through pump and treat technology.

Groundwater Plume